Month: September 2014

4268 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations Entry Enhancement Remove screen door and store under house should buyer wish to reinstall. Replace door mat with long runner to create an arrival area: Chevron Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Runner 2’7″-8’2″ Gray with Sand $49.00 Add three hanging

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Goin’ Gingham

Resourcefulness often leads to creativity (for better or worse) when facing time and budget constraints. Treat every design challenge as an opportunity. So often a “great deal” on natural stone tile results in a delivery of mismatched disappointment. Consider a

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Buyin’ Blues

Ask Derik Are you exhausted and deflated by house hunting? Perhaps you were outbid on your perfect home and now don’t have the energy to keep looking. Congratulations, you are in great company and at an important crossroad. Next to

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