Goin’ Gingham

Resourcefulness often leads to creativity (for better or worse) when facing time and budget constraints. Treat every design challenge as an opportunity.

So often a “great deal” on natural stone tile results in a delivery of mismatched disappointment. Consider a simple gingham pattern before panicing, reordering, and going through the pains of returning your tile order.

Gingham has a very simple recipe:

Divide your tile in to three categories

  • 25% – lightest tone
  • 25% – darkest tone
  • 50% – all remaining pieces

While a gingham pattern can help you take advantage of a tile deal, it may result in a busier look than what was originally intended. Layout sections in both “square” and “diagonal” orientations to determine which option will best compliment the space.

Transition points are areas where different flooring materials meet. It may be helpful to select the perfect hardwood color and finish after your tile is installed.

Gingham is a classic pattern that can enhance any design scheme.


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