Bye Bye Miss…Apple Pie

Ask Derik

I once worked with an agent who swore by tossing a $8 frozen apple pie in the open during an open house. There are many things wrong with strategy not the least of which is that a buyer my want to look in the oven.

The sense of smell is so incredibly complicated that each of us has a unique sense of smell. That apple pie may smell like burning sugar or overpowering cinnamon or have a chemically smell depending on who does the smelling. The same issues exist with cookies and other food items that are considered “homey”…you can’t take the risk of offending anyone.

I learned my lesson with (one of my must-have’s) floral arrangements. I love the smell of tuberose but that flower is simply too aromatic for an open house arrangement. In fact, you should have to stick your nose in the flower to smell anything and never smell the arrangement across the room.

A clean home doesn’t need any scent to attract a buyer and

this isn’t Mrs. Field’s at the mall. They way to a home buyer’s heart may be through their tummy but did you know she is deathly allergic to walnuts and can’t stand the smell of ginger?


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