Buyin’ Blues

Ask Derik

Are you exhausted and deflated by house hunting? Perhaps you were outbid on your perfect home and now don’t have the energy to keep looking. Congratulations, you are in great company and at an important crossroad. Next to spouses and children, choosing a home is the most important decision most people ever make.

Think home prices are high now? If everyone who wanted to buy a home was out aggressively house hunting, prices would be in the stratosphere. Rates today are ridiculously low for well qualified buyers. If you are in this position, choosing to “sit it out for now” could cost you much more than your dream home.

As a Realtor®, I have a responsibility to advise my clients and guide them toward what is BEST for them. No two buyers are alike. Successful buyers, in any market condition, are serious about the task and make find their home a priority.

Our housing needs change over time throughout the course of our lives. Not everyone needs or wants to own a home. Buying and selling occurs regardless of market conditions because our needs and desires change.

What do I tell frustrated buyers? I don’t have frustrated buyers.


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