What’s Your Style?

Every time I meet a new client the conversation always surrounds real estate, architecture, art and design. It’s what I do and what I love to talk about more than any other subject. Sharing what I know in a way that helps others visualize or, at the very least, take a leap (of faith) forward.

The inevitable question is always asked of me, “What’s your style?”

A skilled designer doesn’t create their look in your home. Their task is to create a design based on many factors:

· Who lives in the space?

· When and how is the space is used?

· How does the client want to feel in the space (serene, lively, etc.)?

· How does the space relate to adjacent spaces and the entire home?

· What current furnishings are expected to remain in the space?

· How much does the client hope to invest?

Over time, spaces can become functionally obsolete or the home owner’s needs may have changed. Sometimes the space never functioned very well. This often is the case in new construction because what looks great on the drafting table doesn’t always translate into comfortable living space. Resolving any functional issues at the onset of any design project is the first step in completing the space.

Try not to create a themed look in your space as this will look contrived or like a store brand. Great spaces are timeless and looking as though they were pulled together over a lifetime. This is when the expertise of a designer becomes priceless. Let your designer loose to repurpose what you have while editing out what no longer serves you or your space.

The final stage of the design project involves using a designer’s keen eye, sense of proportion, resources, and ability to create a harmonic space. This is when many clients fall off the rails by running out and buying pieces that are not well-suited for the space. This often recreates the original design dilemma!

When you work with a designer, resist the urge to go on rogue shopping excursions. Reach for your camera (not your wallet) and ask your expert. Their job is to conceptualize the entire space and save you from making costly mistakes. A great designer will deliver a timeless, one-of-a kind design that you can call your own “style.”


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