When two long-time clients were clients were faced with a pre-retirement conundrum I had to think fast. Faced with on-going health limitations, this couple cannot easily travel abroad yet needed regular “vacations” from city life.

First stop…Google maps! Under two hours from their city home to the country.

How Much For That Carpet?

This loft style space had bad nubby, oat-mealy nylon carpet. Double ugh and nasty.

Wall to wall carpet is really tricky in design and, depending on the space, often the best option for floor covering. In a home, carpet should be avoided in heavy traffic areas unless you have hotel staff on payroll to clean the hallways.

In this project I found a high-end remnant Mohawk in a neutral grayeige with a beautiful diamond pattern that inspired other elements in the space.

Where we didn’t put carpet, we put a complimentary cork. The cork was costly by comparison but the amazing deal on the carpet remnant allowed for the spurge and provide a needed break of hard flooring.

Tohono O’odham Bailing Wire Basket, Southern Arizona, c1920 Ames Gallery.

In this project, we took all cues from the carpet. It has the sophistication the owners desired both in color and furnishings.


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