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Oh Henry!

Every home has quirks and selling those quirks can be tricky business… welcome to Henry Street! When I first set foot on this property I knew it had potential (yes, all property has potential) but it was buried in years

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Pretty Pantry

Ask Derik Your pantry stock should be edited down leaving plenty of space for the buyer to visualize their staples in the space. Expired food products should be composted and containers recycled long before any open house. Storage is a

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‘Ol Smokey

Ask Derik Nothing says home more than a fireplace and most people love the idea of wood burning fireplaces. Wood burning fireplaces are huge polluters and often banned (or use of) controlled in urban areas. They also smoke up the

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Oh Rats…And Snakes

Ask Derik I have a friend who brought home a lab rat from medical school and kept him as a pet. I can't stand rodents but that big boy was so sweet, friendly and smart everyone liked him. Keeping pet

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Your Dirty Drawers

Ask Derik I am amazed by how many houses go on the market completely unprepared for the most common action prospective buyers make. Buyer open everything that is closed and you want them to because this is how they start

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