Table Top Inspiration

Colorful desert and salad plates may add a touch of whimsy elegance to the table. However, over usage of patterns similar to this (with its matching cups, saucers, etc.) can

easily become an unwanted fussy look. It’s best to own a full set of good quality, classic white china. While over time and travels, you may want to add to your collect additional salad and dessert plates in various patterns.

Collecting along a common theme is ideal because it allows for a mixing and matching.

The common theme of your decorated china is a big asset when you decorate a dining space. A simple-to-upholstered chair, like these, could be updated easily as your collection evolves.

The correct amount of color saturation will be determined by the amount of natural light and how open the dining area is to adjacent spaces. In many open concept spaces, dramatic color bursts can look choppy so plan it all out in advance. In some case, your best pop of color might come from a table runner or carpet.


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