Sarah Style

Toronto based interior designer Sarah Richardson is best known for her HGTV design shows; Sarah’s House, Real Potential, Sarah 101, Sarah’s Cottage, and Design Inc.

I pre-ordered her latest book, Sarah Style, over the summer and finally received my copy in November!

Sarah Style is entertaining (written in “Sarah speak”) and, of course, filled with beautiful images of Sarah Richardson designs. I was pleased to see so many rooms featured in the book that had been created in conjunction with her television series.

Some of my favorite Sarah Richardson go-to’s include custom padded headboards, use of drapery in the bath, salvaged architectural elements, repurposed furniture, blending old with new, and gorgeous fabrics used as jumping off points.

Every Sarah Richardson design takes in to account material costs and working within a budget. Knowing where to splurge always results in a thought-filled and unique space.

This kitchen was created for a newly constructed home featured in Sarah’s House 4. I love how this kitchen flows between living spaces becoming a continuation of living space and not a glaring kitchen.

Sarah Style is a compilation of years upon years of successful design work and covers the fundamental elements of design as Sarah sees them. She shares tricks of the trade as well as so many tips from her extensive portfolio. Sarah’s passion for sharing and inspiring are written into every word…enjoy!


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