Pretty Pantry

Ask Derik

Your pantry stock should be edited down leaving plenty of space for the buyer to visualize their staples in the space. Expired food products should be composted and containers recycled long before any open house. Storage is a huge decision making factor for home buyers.

Your home’s cupboard space will be called into question if you store food in the laundry room or garage instead of a dedicated pantry space. In these cases, use cabinets with doors and not open shelving to separate food storage from the primary function of those other spaces.

Organize cans, bags, boxes, and containers in clusters to leave open space as well as space for attractive trays, party china, and back-up glass wear that might be overflowing somewhere else. I also like to edit counter top appliances down to a minimum. Mixers, blenders, and food processors are great examples of appliances that should be cleared to show off more counter space.

Finally, make sure that shelves and everything on them are completely dust and residue free.


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