Padded Headboard Decor

Padded headboards are ideal solutions for many bedroom decorating dilemmas. They can be big space savers, create a cozy sleeping sanctuary, and upholstered as the primary inspiration or simply take a supporting role.

A fully upholstered headboard is very often preferable to hard wood, brass or iron beds. They are softer, warmer and more luxurious than hard surfaced or railed options. Padded headboard options are readily available in every price range. Decoratively cut headboards and patterned fabrics can be challenging if you want to upholster the piece yourself.

If you are handy, pick up a solid inexpensive headboard from a second hand shop, spray mount ¼ inch piece of foam cut to fit, spray mount a layer or two of batting, and staple on your fabric working from the top middle out. Layout your fabric before cutting to ensure best results and consider how much of the headboard will be visible once the bed is fully dressed.

On-line auction bargains like these provide an inexpensive way to introduce pattern and comfort. If you are stuck with tight stairwells, pair twin headboards and mount to the wall. Twin pieces can always be re-purposed later in a double guest room or as a day bed. Wood trimmed pieces like this are a bit more challenging to upholster but doable. Decorative trim and/or nailheads will give your piece a more tailored look.

Have a plan and ALL the elements of your décor scheme in-hand before you start upholstering. It’s easy to fall I love with a fabric but through the process of pulling it all together you may discover that pattern would better serve as window treatments or pillow shams. As a huge cost saver, I love to buy high quality remnants but this makes buying more fabric mid-project nearly impossible.


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