‘Ol Smokey

Ask Derik

Nothing says home more than a fireplace and most people love the idea of wood burning fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplaces are huge polluters and often banned (or use of) controlled in urban areas. They also smoke up the inside of the home and the odor lingers for days or indefinitely because of residue and soot. That smell reminds me of a cabin or beach cottage that desperately needs airing out. Although beach and cabin memories are good ones for most buyers, you want their attention to be focused on your home and not their next get-away.

Avoid wood burning when putting your home on the market. Thoroughly clean walls, woodwork, flooring and carpets in rooms that smell like an old fire. If the odor is overwhelming the room will need to be primed and repainted.

Built up soot around wood mantles can be cleaned with Murphy’s Oil Soap. There are many cleaning products available for stone and masonry but test these products carefully so the grout doesn’t become dingy. Professional stone cleaning services that specialize in floor tile cleaning can also be called. They tend top avoid porous surfaces but a great resource for sourcing best cleaning products.

With a little elbow grease, you can quickly bring the value back to your fireplace.


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