Oh Henry!

Every home has quirks and selling those quirks can be tricky business… welcome to Henry Street!

When I first set foot on this property I knew it had potential (yes, all property has potential) but it was buried in years of collections. Respecting the past owner while visually clearing a space for potential buyers takes vision and sweat. This is when a great Realtor® stands out in the crowd.

I never had the opportunity to meet the owner of this home. He was the proprietor of a well-known framing shop and the old shop sign deserves a place of prominence in this home.

Most of us put love into our homes. Pieces of us that make our home unique. Some of these choices won’t transition to new buyers while other elements will be cherished.

When it comes time to sell your home, interview qualified agents and ask the tough questions. Hearing what you don’t want to hear about your home can be challenging. A savvy seller will take that challenge.


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