Mariposa Mirrored

I’m a convert. I started studying Feng Shui years ago and that exposure has impacted every design direction. Mirrors are more powerful and impactful than you might think and so often misplaced and misused.

Think of mirrors as serving two functions; functional and aesthetic. The trick is in creating the perfect balance and sensitivity toward that which is being reflected.

Aesthetic mirror applications often make up for architectural voids. There are many effective ways of using mirror to create “windows” where windows ought to be. In some cases, I like to flank these installations with drapery panels identical to those used on the room’s actual windows.

Here I added mirror to the back of a 1912 built-in. I also love to create faux mirrored doors as a way to balance a room or faux transoms to add architecture and light to a space.

Keep in mind what will be reflected before placing mirrors. Mirrored backsplashes in busy kitchens, for example, can double the clutter and require constant cleaning. However, a mirror behind cooktop or windowless kitchen sink can bring life into a dreary kitchen and are worth the Windex.


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