Mid-Century Clubbing

Classic club chairs are a favorite of mine. They are place to use and can go from public rooms to private areas of the home as your needs may change.

These club chairs where found online and I loved them for their upholstered arms, piping, and button backs. Mid-century styled pieces like this are in high demand and there are many poor reproductions on the market. Best rule of thumb when buying is to only buy what is truly comfortable.

I chose to compliment these chairs with brass and glass side table because the reflective surfaces of the table add a layer of sophisitication to the space. Using a muted jewel-toned paisley drape is a modern throw back and great way to bring this look current.

Keeping it neutral will help your mid-century treasures from being trendy as well as easily updated. I like to use a shag area rug when decorating with mid-century pieces to add warmth and texture.


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