Medallion Authentication

I love a great medallion. Scouring through old Victorian era homes I find original plaster medallions everywhere and many can be saved with a few simple tricks and talented drywall contractor.

Authentic reproductions are ideal but can be pricey and hard to find depending on where you live. Here’s a great trick if necessity requires a budget-friendly option:

  1. Buy a simple plastic medallion that is representative of the style of your home’s architecture. If you are decorating a space that is more or less architecturally neutral, don’t over do it and always maintain a consistent theme throughout your space.
  2. Spray your medallion with auto truck paint available at auto parts stores. This will add a rough layer and the base for an authentic plaster look.
  3. Lightly spray with Kilz Primer to seal, dull the gray, and smooth the surface.
  4. Install (use painters tape to hold in place for 24 hours while the adhesive sets) and brush paint in flat ceiling enamel. For best results, paint the entire ceiling at the same time.

Remember that the goal of restoring is not to make everything perfect. Authentic plaster medallions have imperfections. Whether installing an authentic (see Victoriana in San Francisco) plaster medallion or your homemade creation, give the medallion a few nicks and, perhaps, a chip/dent or two!


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