Living With An Oriental

A Persian Rug like this one can be picked up for under $1,000 at auction. Keep in mind the scale of your room and the orientation of the rug and furniture placement.

I like a rug with good overall wear but will pick up a rug that has heavy wear marks (often one entire side, edge or corner) if the intended new traffic pattern and furniture placement is complimentary.

This antique Malayer rug retails for $6,000 because of the quality and gorgeous muted color tones. A good rule of thumb is to pay less for bright colors (fewer design options) and more for neutral tuned rugs because these hues won’t back you into a decorating dilemma.

These rugs are to be enjoyed over your lifetime so select rugs that will allow you to change room d├ęcor or take to a new home without having to put your treasure in storage.

You can mix any furniture style with a great Oriental like this traditional design.

The same rug is as equally impressive in the complicated canvas of a loft space where it becomes more of an architectural feature.

Bottom line, a great rug will easily survive through a lifetime of changing design aesthetics.


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