Living Small?

I loved my West 11th Street apartment in Greenwich Village so much I survived on ramen noodles for a month as I spent a month’s budget on the deposit.

Find a terrific and bold jumping off point fabric. Personal preference will determine how heavily to use the inspirational fabric but a good rule of thumb is to go lighter in public areas and heavier in private areas. If you entertain in your one room pied-a-terre don’t go overboard or your guests will feel like they are sitting in your bedroom.


New York is where I fell in love with small spaces. Recently, I saw a real estate listing for windowless one room apartment in New York. Despite the “no living” disclaimer, we can be sure some lucky buyer is sleeping there tonight. No widow is tough one but there isn’t a space that can’t be affected by design.

Remember your furnishings must do double duty in your small space. A sofa day bed with a trundle, a library table used for dining/desk, folding side chairs, and storage ottoman/coffee tables are but a few examples.

The final word…no matter how small the space, avoid walking in the front door (of

any dwelling) and seeing a bed.

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