Lane Court, Oakland, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations


  • Dress beds with ½ yard of new mulch to match existing. It looks like Black Chip Mulch or Forest Floor but they can confirm by looking up a prior order.
  • Fill in river pea gravel ¼ yard will be enough for a spruce up.
  • Objective here to make this home and garden the most move-in-ready property on the market.

American Soil Products:

Richmond Annex
2121 San Joaquin Street, Bldg. A
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 292-3000

  • Move dining table and chairs from rear patio to front patio. No umbrella. Display an urn or vessel of some interest on the tabletop.


  • Freshen up fencing panels (see separate instructions sent 3/8).


  • The area rug has faded. Ideally this could be flipped over or rotated.

Living Room

  • Floor touch-up (see separate instructions).
  • Hearth touch-up (see separate instructions).

Dining Room

  • Add exotic fruit to the barrel tray on the table.

Master BR

  • Stash personal item away.
  • Create some more air space on the bookshelves so buyers feel like there is room to move in.

Master Bath

  • Treat teak shower bench (see separate instructions).
  • Add dramatic orchid to counter top or on shower bench depending on space.
  • Fluffy towels rolled or stacked spa style will enhance the move-in ready feeling among buyers.

Hall/Hall Closet

  • Try to adjust the center door up slightly on the right for easier slide.
  • French doors to remain open during open house. Provide door stops if not built in place.

Den Office

  • Pack away personal items and leave some empty space on the book shelves.


  • Touch up lower cabinets/baseboards (see separate instructions).
  • Reseal island counter top (see separate instructions).
  • Make sure refrigerator is tidy and clean…should look almost unused.


  • Clear personal items and leave open space on the book shelves.

Selling Tips

  • Use bankers boxes to put stow items away. Filled bankers boxes neatly stacked in closets or the office or wherever looks tidy while hiding clutter.
  • Buyers WILL open top drawers in the bathrooms and kitchen. They are not being nosey…just kicking the tires. Buyers WILL NOT open lids off of banker’s boxes.
  • There are no odors in this home. That said, a light misting of Fabreeze over the sectional is advised IF you are concerned about it. Serious buyers will sit in that room, and other rooms, with their agent as they visualize living in the space.
  • The less buyers perceive “needs to be done” the more buyers better selling price. The touch ups and maintenance needed to prepare this home for the market are minimal.
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