Home S(m)ells

Ask Derik

A smell-filled home is an unhealthy home and it will be very difficult to sell.

If you have been in your home for a long time you likely don't smell the subtle odors and/or don't find them offensive. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to walk through and tell you what they smell. We all know that trusted friends and good neighbors would never hurt your feeling so listen red flags. When they say your home “smells like you” or “doesn't smell bad” or “I like how your house smells”…you have a problem.

Under normal circumstances your home should not smell like anything at all.

Odor eliminators like Fabreze do clear the air but over use leaves a fragrance that may not appeal to everyone. Avoid all of this and opt for a deep cleaning to remove odors at the source. This doesn't mean wiping down floors with a flimsy mop-like devise that have likely been leaving dirt and odors all along.

It's your real estate agents job to point out any odor issues and give you advise on how to mediate them. A smell-filled home tunrs away prospective buyers reducing the value of your home.


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