Gravenstein Highway

This project was developed for an abandoned Sonoma County Gravenstein ochard weekend home. The Gravenstein is delicious but, unlike other varieties, does not store well limiting the marketability. Many of these orchards have been converted to grape vineyards but a small spared few acres is all that’s needed to appreciate the beauty, color, and fragrance of an old orchard.

Note the green is not chartreuse but a much more delicious hue of green. The variations in red are simply divine. This is an excellent study in contrast of compatible colors. Depending on the light, the either color can be predominate and appear to “sit” in front of the other. I’m just enamored by the by how warm (because they are natural colors) and livable these colors are and how well they play with wood and metal elements.

This project, we incorporated galvanized countertops in the kitchen and dreamy silk panels on the patio doors. The subtly in balance between cooler elements and warmer tones is essential in creating a balanced and livable space.

The living room is based in apple tree bark nubby neutrals with pops of green and red sheen. The angel is in the details. Everything is store bought and nothing looks contrived.

Available at this sofa is a dreamy steal for the Gravenstein weekender…it’s the truck of lining room and we used two for symmetry and seating requirements.

There panels are a store-bought deal. This is an example of what could be an expensive element, drapery panels, brought in well under budget.

Galvanized really brings it home in a country retreat. It’s downright in indestructible…the dings and scratches add patina and character. For added pop wrap the counter with an extended profile to add richness/thickness the counter. I prefer this on the counters with a marble island or return. Yes, marble stains but sealed well those stains are mediated and, in my book, reasonable marble stains add patina to the kitchen. A faint red wine glass stain deserves another over top.


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