Feel’in (Pea)cocky

The tile surround of this gorgeous dining room fireplace in a charming 1908 bungalow provided the inspiration for my design recommendations.

When selling, it is important to highlight valuable built-in elements of you home. Here I kept the museum white on the wainscot and trim but opted for for a hint of blue on the upper 1/3 (from plate rail to crown) of the room.

I selected a light shade because this property was being listed and it was essential that these valuable tiles be the dominant feature of the space. I would likely take a different approach choosing a color for home buyers all the way up to a literal

interpretation of the saturated blue.

As the buyer, imagine the fun you would have designing a room around this fireplace.

This Brandolini Branch Chandelier is terrific investment for updating a room with heavy “period” architecture.

There is a great deal around every design corner. This <$1500 dining table is simply stunning and fresh. The dining table should ground the room and this one does while complimenting the fireplace time.

Mix it up. Blending traditional, mid-century, modern, and eclectic furnishings works to enhance the room’s 100+ year old architecture.


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  1. Great post! Thanks for featuring my listing on 2224 California in Berkeley.

    Voice of East Bay Living.