Derik Landry


I’ve been redesigning homes from the time I was old enough to lift a hammer. I was and, proudly, still am the kid who will tirelessly rearrange living room furniture for hours until it is just right. I studied interior design at Parsons early in my career learning the fundamentals and forever cementing my passion for design.

As a Realtor®, I have a responsibility to advise my clients and help them maximize the value of their homes. Personalizing a home can result in choices that turn off potential buyers when it’s time to sell. I focus on the “bones” first to ensure updates add function and enjoyment today while protecting future value. Having a plan in place to correct any functional obsolescence prior to popping the lid off a paint can is best practice. Adding built-in’s, cabinetry and architectural details, as well as selecting timeless surface choices, all add long term value. A planned approach creates the backdrop for a homeowner to apply their taste through color, fabrics, furnishings, art and accessories.

I’m often asked to define my “style” and that’s a difficult question to answer. I love many design styles and appreciate many more. Working with a designer should never result in a room that defines the designer. My role is the stabilizer or the one who brings the project back in to balance.

Derik Landry

Realtor®, Designer, Renovator & Investor

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