Creston Road, Berkeley, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations

Landscape (Garden To-Do’s)

  • Power wash front steps, walkway, and driveway.
  • Plant Japanese Feather Grass along the first set of steps to hide the exposed juniper branches. Plant 9 of these (ASAP so they have time to fill in) from the coach lamp to the asphalt. Plants should be tucked ½ under the juniper overhang.

  • Add some color spots like impatiens to this front bed.

  • Repair asphalt from road to base of steps.
  • Prune the cherry tree, plum tree and camellia bushes.
  • Dress beds with new mulch. “Forest Floor” from American Soil products works well but anything dark and not “beauty bark” looking will reinforce this park-like setting.

American Soil Products (mulch)
2121 San Joaquin Street, Bldg. A
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 292-3000

East Bay Nursery (grasses)

2332 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702


Bill Milligan Asphalt



American Asphalt
24200 Clawiter Road
Hayward, CA 94545

Rail and Entry

  • Spray out railing with a Dark Bronze Hammered finish paint. This will add some pop and help freshen up the approach.

    Home Depot

  • Replace door mat with jute runner. This creates a more dramatic approach AND a much needed walk-off zone for the open house.

Checkered Field Black Cocoa with Dark Brown Frame Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug by Couristan 2’3″x 7’10” $60.03

Rear Garden

This is a private sanctuary and additional living space. The custom retaining walls and lighting are lovely features that will be noticed by buyers.

  • Move the Brown Jordan set out from under the overhang and add a low pot of flowers.
  • Power wash the patio, table and chairs
  • Dress flower beds with fresh layer of mulch.
  • Prune magnolia.


  • Remove all but one or two collectibles in clock vitrine.

Living Room

  • Move loveseat to family room.
  • Remove runner.
  • Reduce collectibles by ½ leaving ½ of shelf space open.
  • Remove all highly valuable/valued collectibles.
  • Collectibles and books that remain should be monochromatic and very neutral. You want the home to stand out and not the contents.
  • Tighten up seating area by pulling sofa out from wall 6-8″.
  • Remove all but one ornament from the hearth. If the fireplace is in good working order, it is recommended that it be lit with a Duraflame log (less smoke and not sparking) during the open house.

Dining Room

  • Remove carpet and side chairs.


Buyers open cupboards and drawers but often just the top drawers. Make sure that top drawers are tidy and ½ empty. Upper cupboards should be tidy. This is a good time to clear out items you no longer want or need.

I recommend keeping the blinds pulled completely up and adding a garden wall plaque of some sort hung on the fence. This creates a focal point and helps to expand the space.

Family Room

  • Replace sofa bed with loveseat from living room and tighten up seating area by pulling loveseat out from wall so buyers can walk behind.
  • Remove personal items and photos.
  • Keep the built in office space as is…just leave shelves and desk top ½ (or more) open/empty.
  • Keep sewing station as is and about ½ (or more) of the surfaces clear.
  • Remove extra bedding from closet as well as all paperwork/files.

Hall/Hall Closet

  • Clear ½ and organize remaining contents.

Guest Room

  • Remove personal items and photos.
  • Clear out ½ of the closet so it feels more spacious.

Den Office

  • Pack away personal items and leave some empty space on the book shelves.
  • Remove books and book case from under window. Exposing more floor will help to make the room feel larger.
  • Desk should be mostly clear and items on top of the built-in removed.
  • Add an orchid or potted plant near computer monitor.

Master Bedroom

  • Remove personal items and photos.
  • Clear ½ of the bookcase or remove entirely.

Master Bathroom/Closets

  • Thin out your closets as much as possible. If you must have items on the floor, put them in banker’s boxes as this will make the closets look more spacious.
  • Add a touch of greenery like small pots of ivy to the vanity and edge of the Jacuzzi. This will add a little life and soften the tile.

Lower Office/Rumpus Room

  • Clear personal items and leave open space on the book shelves.
  • Desk top should be mostly clear.
  • Floor area should be mostly clear.

Selling Tips

  • Use bankers boxes to put stow items away. Filled bankers boxes neatly stacked inside closets give the illusion of more space. The garage also has plenty of space to stack banker’s boxes.
  • Buyers open top drawers in the bathrooms and kitchens. Keep these orderly and mostly empty. Personal items and medications should be put away.
  • Serious buyers will come back to tour your home with their agents. It’s important to keep your home ‘show’ ready.
  • Keep window coverings open during the day and during showings.

It is very difficult for any seller to see their home through the eyes of a new buyer. The more you can disassociate yourself from your home the better.

The number one feature buyers are looking for is space and they will pay for it. Keep as much open floor space (including inside closets) as possible.

The rear garden in this home is quite beautiful and well proportioned. Think of and treat your outdoor space and living space.

This home is very well maintained and it will show beautifully.

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