Collecting Art Abroad

Artist – Eduardo Santana Navarro


Bring art home is great way to keep your important travel experiences alive. Look for original works of art and know how you are going to get the piece homeā€¦ with you or shipped.

I asked the artist of this piece to remove the canvas from the stretcher and roll it. This made it much easier for me to transport home and left a valuable art supply with the artist.

When shopping in a gallery and dealing with a broker it not uncommon for a little price or terms haggling. I do not haggle over price when dealing directly with the artist in their studio. If you don’t want to pay the price, ask them to show you something within your budget. Your boss doesn’t come into your office and challenge your worth or expect you to take a pay cut. A little respect and courtesy goes far with most artists.

When selecting a piece of art, think about the size and options for where placement once home. I have more art than walls so I swap out some pieces every six months. When you stop noticing your art, it’s time to move things around.

Be certain to keep a bio of the artist and details about the transaction attached to the back of the piece. Records for especially valuable works should be kept separate from the piece should it be stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Homeowner insurance policies typically cover a small amount for art as these policies are designed for structures and basic contents.


Artist – Eduardo Santana Navarro

Born on October 24, 1966 in the municipality of San Miguel del Padron, Havana, Cuba. He began studying Fine Arts in 1980, in the workshop of Plastic Arts of San Miguel del Padron municipality, located at that time in the Ernest Hemingway House Museum in San Francisco de Paula and directed by the painter and sculptor Orestes Vergel. From that experience and context Watcher group which participates in several group exhibitions was born. Part of their training is self-taught. He is a member of the ACAA and Muraleando Community Art Project in Havana, Cuba.

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