Buyin’ Blues

Ask Derik Are you exhausted and deflated by house hunting? Perhaps you were outbid on your perfect home and now don’t have the energy to keep looking. Congratulations, you are in great company and at an important crossroad. Next to

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335 Clifton St, Oakland, CA

Thoughts for maintaining and adding value to this classic Rockridge bungalow. Addition/Renovation Step back for second story additions for a subtle “always been there” look. Use a vintage color scheme to highlight architecturally interesting elements. Contractor – Big Red Construction,

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Oh Henry!

Every home has quirks and selling those quirks can be tricky business… welcome to Henry Street! When I first set foot on this property I knew it had potential (yes, all property has potential) but it was buried in years

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How To Hire Your Realtor®

So many sellers and buyers lack confidence about interviewing and hiring real estate professionals. The best way to start the process is to make your “what, when, and where” list and stick to it. There are plenty of great agents

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Shopping for Color

I love taking inspiration from favorite brands. These brands evoke great memories of travel and/or special occations. Use inside and give visitors a hint of what is to come by painting your front door in one of these fabulous shades.

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Medallion Authentication

I love a great medallion. Scouring through old Victorian era homes I find original plaster medallions everywhere and many can be saved with a few simple tricks and talented drywall contractor. Authentic reproductions are ideal but can be pricey and

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Swedish Sublime

Inspiration is everywhere and, quite often covered with layer of dust or grime. Using an older (or quality made to look older) piece adds character and instant history to any space. A little old can go a long way. Accessorizing

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What’s Your Style?

Every time I meet a new client the conversation always surrounds real estate, architecture, art and design. It’s what I do and what I love to talk about more than any other subject. Sharing what I know in a way

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5451 Lawton St, Oakland, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations EXTERIOR Paint Repaint upper (painted) steps and porch: Benjamin Moore Passion Vine 1504 (Porch and Patio) Find trim paint in basement and touch up around front (and back) door. Repaint front door: Benjamin Moore Country Redwood EXT. RM

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Making the most out of what you have should be your objective when you make improvements to your home. I’ve flipped many homes over the years. Sadly so much of my time and money is spent undoing prior owners’ improvements.

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