Bonny Doon

I recommend creating an entry tower by painting this façade in the mid tone similar to the overall roof color. This will add some needed definition as well as weight down the entrance.

A deeper color should be used for gutters, rafters, and the soffit (underside of roof). This color should be the deepest color found in the roof.

The first floor and trim should be lightest color. This means the trim around the patio doors would be the same color as the siding.

The colors I’ve selected may need to be tweaked slightly based on the actual roof color. As long as your colors are kept neutral (relate well to your roof) can put just about any color on the front door.

Benjamin Moore Horizon – First floor (body and trim) trim around front door and second story window.

Benjamin Moore Gothic Arch – Front door tower façade, second story (including first and second story sides), and chimney. This should blend in with the overall color of your roof.

Benjamin Moore Windy City – Gutters, rafter tails, soffits

BM Douglas Fir – Front door and sidelights

Swap out scones with oil rubbed bronze (similar to garage sconces but larger) to match door hardware.

Add missing/continue trim piece on left side of front door. These vertical “trim” pieces should be painted the same mid-tone color and NOT accented.

Roof trim, gutters, and soffits.

Garage door surface only.

Body of garage and trim.