Beekman 1802 Style: The Attraction of Opposites

I just received my copy of Beekman 1802 Style: The Attraction of Opposites. After months of anticipation I knew exactly what was in that box left on my doorstep from Sharon Springs, New York. I sat down and gave it the cover-to cover treatment.

The images are, of course, quite lovely but I impressed by the layout and the straight forward text as well. It reads beautifully with a clear definition of each aptly named chapter. The authors, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge (a.k.a The Beekman Boys) have become lifestyle gurus with a distinct sense of style. That said, this book goes far beyond their style by sharing design techniques that can be applied (and should) be applied to any design style.

There are numerous references to current easy to find resources making it easy for the reader to go out and get the look. Along with nods to the national furniture/home fashion outlets, the book includes a number of unique resources; for blowing up photographs, for unique handcrafted wood furniture, and take a look at this one of a kind zinc wrapped table from

The book also has several crafty do it yourself projects. Although I am not interested in any of those projects specifically, they did get my creative juices flowing. What’s not to love about a 3-tiered Radio Flyer bar cart for the patio?

Perhaps the most useful pieces of advice surrounded the proper methods for displaying collections, art, books, photos, and antiques. Josh and Brent are master blenders with a perfect sense of space and scale. No one should live in a theme house and/or “clutterville” and I believe most readers will be able to take away more than a few pearls of wisdom from this book.

Great book guys… please keep them coming!


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