An Affair With An Older Chair

This $1,200 divine and gently worn beauty has so much history. Finding a vintage velvet chair in such a delicious shade gives me goose bumps. Building a scheme around this piece is easy. Start by allowing it to be the most saturated pop of color in the space. A bedroom or guest room would be an ideal low-traffic place for this vintage piece.

The orange and deep rose colors in this gorgeous paisley fabric support the vintage velvet. The large $80 remnant becomes a more muted version of the one-of-a-kind velvet color. Used as a duvet cover and/or as drapery panels, this fabric brings the inspiration chair out of retirement.

This inexpensive tobacco toned headboard provides that big batch of neutral allowing for easy seasonal bedding changes.

At auction, a well-loved inspiring chair will run $700 to $2,500+. Check the wear, spring resiliency, and give it a good smell. Dusty is fine but walk from musty. Also keep in mind that many old fabrics do not clean well or at all leaving you with an upholsterer’s bill as well as fabric cost.


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