A Suiting Guest Suite

The art of creating guestroom starts with visualizing a comfortable and private retreat. I like prefer guest rooms to be small but well appointed. It just makes sense not to dedicate large spaces to infrequent uses.

Where do you splurge? Get as good a quality mattress as you can with medium firmness. These are more comfortable and because of frequency of use won’t break down too quickly. If the mattress is a little too firm, or you just want your guests to have extra luxury, use a featherbed. Dispose of a too soft mattress…these can leave your loved ones with a lingering backache.

This is an easy combo of an inspirational fabric and grass cloth wall paper playing off soothing green tones.

The inspirational fabric and grass cloth in this combination look great cooled down by the blue hues.

Dedicated guestrooms are excellent spaces to go out a little on the design limb because they can stand alone. I like to start with an inspiration fabric and key off it for supporting paint, wall coverings, and upholstery fabrics. Calm and comfortable is the name of this game.


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