940 Regal Road, Berkeley, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations

Replace lattice with updated with more sophisticated version as shown below

This fence is just around the corner on Hilldale. Lattice is perfect in scale as it is more open. Looking for inspiration in the same neighborhood is always the way to go in Berkeley.

Cut a swoop out of the existing gate to provide for a more welcoming entrance.

After a second look, I think the fence and gate will look better painted. Even semi opaque paint stains are unreliable when going over weathered wood and you need to blend in the updated lattice. I recommend a color complimentary to the trim but deeper hued – Benjamin Moore Durango Ext Flat 2137-30

Fresh house numbers mounted on fence to the right of the gate. These 4″ floating numbers provide a custom look for $6.10 each from Authoritymailboxes.com.

$129.00 Affordablelamps.com

Replace the entry sconce with something a bit more 11-12 inches and no exposed bulb. This option has the correct angles and finish at a great price. The exiting is wimpy but not bad (just a bad bulb) so it can be reused over the slider leading out to the deck.

Paint the dining room French doors in trim color. Get the color match done using Benjamin Moore exterior contractor grade. Contractor grade is a little duller and makes for a better match for touch-up’s around the home. Paining these doors will give them more of window look and not detract the Buyer’s eye from the front (should be focal point) door.

Repaint the front door a more modern color. I like Benjamin Moore Cottage Red Ex Gloss as it’s a right between the drab current color and what would be too bright of a red.

Baldwin $312.00 Home Depot

Replace door hardware. This option will help cover up former holes. I would not go cheaper than Baldwin…the quality of the front door handle sets the tone for what’s inside. Fortunately, there is plenty of great original hardware throughout the home. Original replacements for anything missing or broken can be found at Omega Salvage on San Pablo.

Think of the front garden as an outdoor room and stag as such. Plantings should be drought tolerant, mostly native species, and repeated on both sides of entry walk. Image show is representative of the vision for the front patio.

I recommend Ko Tanahashi (greencityeastbay@gmail.com) if you are not sure how to proceed or need help with landscape design. He books far out but has the right esthetic and will understand what needs to trimmed and what needs to be added. I recommend Ko for the citrus pruning in the rear garden.

I recommend using gold pathway fines (crushed limestone) from American Soil Products (510-292-3000) to dress the bed in front of the dining room. This will visually extend the patio into the planting area, make the area near the gate feel less cramped, and look great with the existing stone pavers.

Use Forest Floor Bark from American Soil Products to dress the opposite bed as well as rear garden beds. This mulch option doesn’t look beauty bark so it can be used blend in where needed.

Power wash all exterior hard surfaces.


Replace inappropriate lighting fixtures where needed. This goes a very long way with potential buyers because these details are an indication of how well the home has been maintained through the years. This is pair is $120.00 on eBay looks like they belong as they match the dining room fixture.

Plaster over fireplace tile to create amore traditional look. Those tiles might pop off and there is not hard in trying as they are going or going to be covered up either way and it may be easier to plaster over the rough surface underneath as well as making life a little easier for the buyer who may want to hang something above.

General replacement of worn and discolored items like this recessed cover are inexpensive clean-up’s and will help to make the home look well maintained.

Remove weird shelves and brackets throughout the home prior to painting. These sorts of things detract from the architecture.

The ceilings look pretty good throughout but I would freshen up the wall paint.

I love yellow but what’s there now is too yellow. Most redo’s I’m seeing now are really dull grays. I recommend Lancaster Whitewash because you won’t have to prime, the color isn’t objectionable, and it gives the stagers many more options.

Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whitewash HC-174 Contractor Grade Interior Eggshell

I recommed color matching the white trim semi gloss paint. Again, get this in contractor grade as it will feather in better for touch-up’s as well as a quick coat on the ponywall caps.

After further thought, I recommend having a carpet cleaner bid out a good cleaning. There is a bad stain but they might be able to get that out. The carpet is otherwise in pretty good condition (not overly worn/doesn’t smell at all) and seems like good quaity.

If it must be replaced, go with a wool sisal or similar as pictured above. The Floor Store in Richmond often has remanents of expensive looking carpet


Leave paved surfaces in place and create plating beds where the surfaces have failed dressed with mulch. The citrus needs to be pruned so the lower bedroom has a view of the beautiful and useable rear garden.

Recommend rebuilding rear deck to make safe and update the railing. Open railing as pictured here will help integrate the deck with the lower garden. This image is of a new listing at neighboring 879 Regal.

The objective in the rear garden would be to create as much living space as possible.

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