6026 Acacia Ave, Oakland, CA

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Curb Appeal

Repaint all trim, windows, and painted exterior doors in Benjamin Moore HC-96 Richmond Grey. This will limestone hue will provide for a subtle and elegant look that will warm the grey. This hue also blends in with the weathering on the pigmented stucco.

Replace dead shrub to right of garage door with Butterfly Iris (Dietes) to match planing bed on the other side of the garage. Cluster three 1-gallon plants in this triangular bed to fill up the space.

Replace garage door with a Carriage house styled door. Paint door in Benjamin Moore HC-94 Old Salem Grey. This will brighten the homes façade without being too committal or specific.


Repaint all iron work in Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

Power wash all exterior paved surfaces including driveway. Lightly wash caps on fence piers but leave fig ivy.

Move garden bench to patio area where the flagstone path ends.

Trim up shoots on cherry trees along the sidewalk as well as plum at entry gate.

Remove television antenna from roof.


Dress all planting beds with dark mulch like “Forest Floor” from American soil products. This is cost-effective mulch that should be used around all plantings with emphasis on the front sidewalk, left side of driveway and the courtyard. American Soil Products 510-292-3000 will deliver ½ yard to driveway.

Add grasses and some color spots.


Rubrum, Verbena, and Salvia will blend in nicely $4.99-16.00 Orchard Supply Hardware.


Trim vines back to allow for a clearer/more direct route to the front door.

Add an over sized front door mat to create a runway entrance to front door. Picture Frame Doormat from Pottery Barn in black $79.00.

Refinish front door with light sanding (220 grit), then clean with mineral spirits, and then apply 1-2 coats of MINWAX Tung Oil.

Add a trellis to right side of kitchen window to balance rose on left side. Orchard Supply Hardware $54.99.

Plant a Yellow Lady Banks Rose (Rosa Banksiae Lutea) with trellis to front corner right of kitchen window.

Master Bedroom

Replace closet door knobs in north bedroom and master bedroom. Total of 8 knobs needed and recommend matching to door hardware throughout the home.

Home Depot – Liberty Model PN2001-OB3-C Internet #202023599 Store SKU #526497 1-1/4 in. Dark Oil Ribbed Bronze Builders Hollow Cabinet Knob $1.49.

Master Bathroom

Use a marble restorer kit (Home Depot $69.00) to address master bath shower walls and flooring.


Replace all soffit florescent tubes in kitchen in warm white. Replace damaged refrigerator with another counter depth stainless model.

Add panels to freshen up dishwasher. Clean stove top with oven cleaner then stainless polish.

Replace veneer trim on island.

Clean all cabinetry with Murphy’s Oil Soap. This cleans, conditions, and will leave the kitchen smelling great.

Dining Room

Replace burned out bulbs and remove window covering.


In the interest of saving time and money, I recommend color matching the trim white. This will allow the painters to cover in a single coat only where needed and avoids cutting in to the glass.

Use Benjamin Moore Chamois BM-969 in eggshell on Walls and ceilings throughout the home. This hue will provide a warm neutral background for staging and new home owners.

Remind painters to keep box beams in trim white but use the Chamois color on the ceiling panels/just the flat ceiling surface.

Rear Patio

Power wash patio, decking and pergola posts as discussed.

Trim back butterfly bush and add mulch under plantings in this area.

Clear weeds and grass from area around storage shed.

Clear out dead cattails and trim back ivy to expose stone outcropping and water feature.

Keep fountain pump running while property is on the market.


Buyers for this home want clean, done, and ready to move in.

Use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean wood banister and hardwood flooring throughout the home. This is a simple to use product that works wonders on hardwood.

Make sure all burned out light bulbs are replaced with warm hue bulbs. While your home is on the market, lights may be left on for many hours. Keep replacement bulbs in a closet.

Keep blinds open and/or pulled up in every room.

Ensure kitchen and bathroom cabinets are completely cleared out and clean.

Painters must remember to paint inside closets.

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