5575 Moraga Ave, Oakland, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations


  • Add four planter boxes under railings on front balcony and fill with white annuals or perennials…whatever is in bloom and will spill through the railings. OSH $54.99 each.
  • Power wash balcony tile and remove everything but new planter boxes.
  • Ensure all exterior lights are working and that same color bulbs are used.

  • Prune, weed and mulch both side of driveway.

  • Keep rubbish bins in garage.
  • Soften long run of front steps with 3 clusters of potted of grass. 9 pots OSH $14.99 ea.
  • Buy larger pot in same color for right of front door and fill with white annuals.
  • Add bench to left of front door (max 15″x48″).

  • Freshen up panting beds with ¼ yard of new bark – “Fir Bark ¾-inch Clean” American Soil Products 510-292-3000.

Private Patio

  • Power wash paving stones, weed, and mulch.
  • Add fountain on house wall. Fountain featured below is at OSH for $249.99 and provides for enough water drop to offset some traffic noise.
  • Area needs a larger table and 4 chairs.

  • Power wash all hard surfaces.

  • Add wall art opposite slider off Family Room. Luxedecore.com $217.80.

Foyer/Powder Room

  • Use console table from bedroom down here.
  • Replace burned out bulbs in entry can lights.
  • Add small potted orchid to powder room.
  • Remember to vacuum out exhaust fan.

Main Staircase

  • Install shade on lower window to match bedroom shade with linen ticking.
  • Add chandelier to this space. I don’t love this chandelier but it’s a huge cost-effective improvement as it fills the space and sort of ties in with the dining room fixture.

Torino Bronze 3Lt. Chandelier w/Inverted Bowl $242.10 4houselighting.com.

Lower Staircase/Laundry

  • Large scale art on cement wall with runner below.


  • Thorough cleaning inside cabinets and appliances.
  • Remove décor and add potted herbs to atrium window.
  • Island could really use a dramatic potted orchid.

Family Room

  • Area rug and smaller scale furniture to make room feel larger and warmer.

Living Room

  • This room needs to be elegant. The comparable house had a very elegant living room. Plush area carpet, large scale art, and seating oriented to outside as there isn’t a fireplace in this room.

Upstairs Bathroom

  • Replace bulbs so all light is the same and warmer.
  • Add potted orchid and fluffy new white towels.
  • Vacuum exhausted vent.
  • Remove shower curtain and make sure cabinets are cleaned.

Bedroom #1

  • Remove console, add potted ivy, and decorative throw pillows for bed.

Bedroom #2

  • Replace center blind and adjust furniture closer to closet leaving more room by window.
  • Add greenery (potted ivy) and decorative pillows for bed.

Bedroom #3

  • Stage as bedroom/office.
  • Move desk from master in to this room.
  • Add greenery.
  • Use area rug to help define this large space.

Upper Landing

  • Add arm chair and small table.

Master Bedroom

  • Remove dresser and mirror from room.
  • Add decorative pillows for bed.
  • Add greenery.
  • Replace bulbs in master closet.

Master Bath

  • Clean exhaust vent and remove sticker from replaced toilet.
  • Add potted orchid and fluffy new white towels stacked next to spa bath.
  • Thoroughly wash glass shower doors to remove any hard water scale.
  • Replace light bulbs so all match.

General Notes

  • All windows need to be cleaned inside and out.
  • Exterior hard surfaces should be power washed.
  • Interior wood surfaces (floors and cabinets) to be washed down with Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • Front door and threshold need to be washed down with Murphy’s.
  • Replace bulbs throughout with warm LED’s. Agent will be leaving lights while on the market to best showcase this home.
  • Rub a white candle on the upper furnace closet door edge so it doesn’t stick.
  • Entry closet rubs against floor tile. Place a small piece of cardboard behind the lower hinge to push out slightly and eliminate the scrape.
  • A thorough cleaning and high dusting will make this home appear new.
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