Broadway Grand, Oakland, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations

 Office/Music/Upper Guest Room Alcove

  • Remove keyboard and “float” the chaise out from the wall at a slight angle toward the window. This will help the room feel a little more spacious and less personalized.
  • Any items that are of huge value should be removed from the vitrine and and put away. Theft during open houses is rare but priceless items should not be on display.
  • Use banker’s boxes (Office Depot, etc.) to neatly pack away personal items in closet. This is a great way to hide personal items as well as reducing any visual clutter.
  • This room needs a large potted (basket fine) leafy green plant. This will play nicely off the art and colors in the space. I like Arboricola or anything with a rounded leaf. Avoid pointy sharp leaves as these are less welcoming.

Upper Guest Bath

  • Fluffy new white towels on towel bars/stacked on counter.
  • Medium sized orchid and little else on the counter.
  • Shower stall should be clear of any personal items.
  • Make sure top vanity drawers are empty and clean.
  • We may want to remove the rug. The scale is fine, and I think it might brighten the room up a bit, but this should be tried both ways.
  • Leave lights on in this bathroom during any showings.

Living Room

  • This is a lovely and comfortably furnished room. The seating area should be tightened/cozied up a bit.
  • Remove the drink table between the club chairs, pull together, and in toward the coffee tables. A little more air between the back of chairs the wall typically makes the room feel larger.
  • Add a couple of lumbar pillows to the club chairs for pop and luxury. (Etsy Gold Velvet cases 12×18 $25 each plus shipping.

    • Rotating images of the unit interspersed with images of Oakland/Uptown playing on the television will really help reinforce buyer’s decision to live in this home.
    • Add four gold pillows on the sofas. I love the current tone-on- tone and a deep greenish-gold will blend beautifully with the carpets while adding a needed pop for the photo shoot. (Etsy Gold Velvet 18″ Pillowcases $50 set of two.

  • Coffee table books of Oakland displayed on the coffee table.
  • Orchids on library table.
  • Beautiful arrangement on the dining table.

  • The two bar stools look very lonely. As it is not realistic to add more for the purpose of selling, I suggest setting up a dining vignette with placemats, china, silver, and glassware for two on one end of the bar. Then use an elongated container to display fresh citrus on the other end.
  • Remove all highly valuable/valued collectibles.


  • Clear most items from countertops and keep up cabinet lighting on during all possible showing hours.
  • Buyers open upper cupboards and drawers but often just the top drawers. Make sure that top drawers are tidy and ½ empty. Upper cupboards should be tidy. This is a good time to spring clean.
  • Buyers often open the oven and refrigerator…these should be clean and refrigerator/freezer mostly empty. Keep a few bottles of Perrier on hand and use to block anything messy.

Entry Closet

  • Eliminate most items from this closet.
  • If necessary, use banker’s boxes to de-clutter.
  • Rod should be 50%+ free with plenty of room for more coats.

Lower Den

  • Remove the television console.
  • Add two open legged chairs (IKEA 199.00) and coffee table or poufs with a board game out on display. A cocktail cart (West Elm $249.99) would make a nice addition to this space as well.

  • The gold mirror near the entrance to the master is out of place. It’s the wrong size and shape for that space. This is my “go to” mirror at IKEA. Hung in this exact spot, it will act to pull more light into the den, create more visual space as you come down the stairs, and help set off the entrance to the master. (Hovet $129.00 30 3/4×77 1/8 “)

  • Another green leafy plant in this space will add some life.

Master Bedroom

  • Ensure personal items and valuables put away.
  • Add a leafy green plant.
  • Closets are very organized. Again, use banker’s boxes to stow loose items, personal items, and reduce visual clutter. Keep as much floor space open as possible.
  • Master bath should be cleared of personal items. Some sellers will keep these items in banker’s boxes below their sinks so that drawers are largely empty.
  • Put away shampoos, conditioners and soap after using the shower. It’s a turn off for buyers and prevents them from visualizing living in the space.
  • Put all medications away.

Master II

  • Add leafy green plant.
  • Remove shampoo, etc. from shower.
  • Fluffy new white towels on rods and/or on countertop
  • Orchid on vanity.

Selling Tips

  • Use banker’s boxes to stow items away. Filled bankers boxes neatly stacked inside closets give the illusion of more space.
  • Buyers open top drawers in the bathrooms and kitchens. Keep these orderly and mostly empty. Personal items and medications should be removed.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms should be spotless.
  • Keep lids on any laundry hampers.
  • Washer and Dryer should be clean.
  • Avoid cooking odorous foods.
  • Keep window coverings open during the day and during showings.
  • Put away personal/family photos.
  • Keep laundry hampers closed tightly.
  • Serious buyers will come back to tour your home with their agents. It’s important to keep your home ‘show’ ready.

It is very difficult for any seller to see their home through the eyes of a new buyer. The more you can disassociate yourself from your home the better.

The number one feature buyers are looking for is space and they will pay for it. Keep as much open floor space (including inside closets) as possible.

This home is very well maintained and it will show beautifully.

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