2949 Chestnut St, Oakland, CA

This home has been a hangout for the extended family for many years. Recommend painting immediately to alter the appearance so people stop coming and going at will.

We are limited on color options due to the roof color but I think the body color should be green with lots of white trim, and red accent. Period appropriate colors will add the most value and attract tenants that appreciate the details.

Use drought tolerant vines on the chain link fence to create a green wall. Once established, ornamental grasses are very low maintenance, require no watering, and are showy. Recommend cutting planting beds out of concrete leaving concrete pathways.

Plant ornamental plums in the parking stripe on the side and front. This visually expands the property, breaks up the hard scape, and will add much need privacy in the side. These trees have already been planted in front of neighboring houses…on every block in four different directions. Urban Releaf forms are available online at urbanreleaf.org. Request trees and make a tax deductible donation.

Keep the cabinets and refinish the wood counter. Replace base cabinets (IKEA) on the sink wall and install honed granite to resemble soapstone. Removing the original icebox will allow for much need storage and require minimal patching. Buyers and hip renters really appreciate original details with sexy (farmhouse sink) upgrades.

Keep the bathroom simple and clean. Sinks with base cabinets end up disgusting in rentals and there is adequate linen storage in the hallway closet.

Period lighting is readily available, very inexpensive, and adds huge value because it looks original to the home.

Quick value-add is to spray out the entire inside of the garage. This enables buyers or tenants to visualize utilizing the space and white makes it look newer, cleaner, and much larger.


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