Brookpark Road, Oakland, CA

Pre-Sale Recommendations

Curb Appeal

Remove television antenna from roof.

Power wash front walkway and driveway.

Remove hose from front of house and add bench/cushions.

Replace door hardware (Home Depot, Kwikset $46)

Add color spots (white creeping Phlox) to palm planters.


Clear the garage as much as possible. Use totes and banker’s boxes to store items. All should be neatly stacked. All garage cabinets should be well organized and orderly. Buyers open doors.

Rear Garden

There is a lot of cement out there and this will require some softening. We will need to assess furniture arrangement and need to cushions, etc.

Power Room AND Entry

Touch-up paint on wrought iron railing.

Keep vanity powder room mostly clear.


Edit China cabinet to about ½ full so buyers see more open space.

Remove gold chair as discussed.

Glass front cabinets should have minimal contents and counter tops mostly clear.

Remove kitchen table. It’s very useful but I need buyers to see more square footage and the kitchen will feel huge without the table.

Upper drawers will get pulled open by buyers. It’s the first thing they do! All top drawers should be well organized and not over flowing. When in doubt, move items down to lower drawers.

Clear out the refrigerator so it looks nearly unused and ½ full.

Living Room

Remove one sofa to lighten up the room and allow for rearrangement.

Remove drapery panels but OK to leave rods in place. This helps to open up the space and allow for buyers to image their own décor and furnishings.

China cabinet should be minimally filled. Good rule is ½ full or at least looking ½ full.

Put away family photos, personal mementos and highly valuable items here and throughout the home.


Remove leaf from dining table to help the room feel larger.

Media Room (top of stairs)

Clear/store away personal items.

Closet should be cleared out as much as possible. Closet floor should be clear.

Twin Guest Room AND Guest Room

Clear and store personal items to help make this room feel larger. There are great storage solutions for under the beds and buyers don’t normally look under beds. (Home Depot, Sterile $86 for 4 pack)

Closet should be cleared out as much as possible. Closet floor should be clear.

Hall Bath

Organize and remove none essential personal belongings. What must be stored in the vanity should be moved to lower drawer or under sink.

Replace vanity light (Home Depot, Hampton Bay 4-light $65)

Master Bedroom and Bath

Remove extra storage fixtures and personal items.

Vanity drawers should be clean and well organized or empty. Buyers open drawers that are built in but typically only the top drawers. When in doubt, move items down into lower drawers or cabinets.

Master closet needs to look huge so it should be cleared out by ½ and the floor should be clear.

We will address bedding, etc. prior to open house events. Overall the room needs to feel spacious and important.

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