Window Shopping

Many home owners have difficulty deciding between repairing and replacing windows. A bargain replacements can negatively impact the value of your home. Quality custom replacements are expensive by comparison. When possible I prefer to restore existing windows and find everything

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Dena Dreamin’

  Replica Eames Chair w/ Ottoman $985.00 Side table $437.00   Custom 71″ Sofa w/Ottoman $2,100.00 (est. depending on options) 34″ wide coffee table $405.00 Low Pile Seating Area Rug 5’x8′ $998.00 Dining/Side chairs – $275.00 set of 2 Mirrors

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Mariposa Mirrored

I’m a convert. I started studying Feng Shui years ago and that exposure has impacted every design direction. Mirrors are more powerful and impactful than you might think and so often misplaced and misused. Think of mirrors as serving two

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Ikat…It’s All That!

Ikat fabrics are beautiful, timeless, and fun to use throughout the home.   Ikat designed fabrics can be incorporated into many design schemes. These fabrics can be huge help when working to achieve either a cool or warm feeling space

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Feel’in (Pea)cocky

The tile surround of this gorgeous dining room fireplace in a charming 1908 bungalow provided the inspiration for my design recommendations. When selling, it is important to highlight valuable built-in elements of you home. Here I kept the museum white

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Downsize And Upgrade

The term downsizing carries a negative connotation for many, but the benefits of downsizing are huge. Having a significant equity stored up in a mostly unused home is not beneficial to the home owner, especially when this limits your ability

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An Affair With An Older Chair

This $1,200 divine and gently worn beauty has so much history. Finding a vintage velvet chair in such a delicious shade gives me goose bumps. Building a scheme around this piece is easy. Start by allowing it to be the

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Table Top Inspiration

Colorful desert and salad plates may add a touch of whimsy elegance to the table. However, over usage of patterns similar to this (with its matching cups, saucers, etc.) can For it whisker rather india drugs online no prescription heat.

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Padded Headboard Decor

Padded headboards are ideal solutions for many bedroom decorating dilemmas. They can be big space savers, create a cozy sleeping sanctuary, and upholstered as the primary inspiration or simply take a supporting role. A fully upholstered headboard is very often

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Living With An Oriental

A Persian Rug like this one can be picked up for under $1,000 at auction. Keep in mind the scale of your room and the orientation of the rug and furniture placement. I like a rug with good overall wear

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