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Living Small?

I loved my West 11th Street apartment in Greenwich Village so much I survived on ramen noodles for a month as I spent a month’s budget on the deposit. Find a terrific and bold jumping off point fabric. Personal preference

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A Not So Fresh Paint Job

Odors are often locked up in the walls and often impossible to clean with damaging the paint surface. In this case, walls and ceilings are overdue for repainting. I will use paint fragrance products in cases where the paint smell

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Camel Comfort

If you your love of neutrals is leaving you stuck in neutral, find an inspiration fabric for window dressings or large pillows. Pull wall and accent colors from your inspiration fabric. These colors may not be much to look at

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A Suiting Guest Suite

The art of creating guestroom starts with visualizing a comfortable and private retreat. I like prefer guest rooms to be small but well appointed. It just makes sense not to dedicate large spaces to infrequent uses. Where do you splurge?

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Studio Sleeper

Whether furnishing a pied et terre studio or tiny guest cottage, create a division of space by placing an armoire against the back side of the headboard and floating them in the space.     Attach swing arm lighting to

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Bye Bye Miss…Apple Pie

Ask Derik I once worked with an agent who swore by tossing a $8 frozen apple pie in the open during an open house. There are many things wrong with strategy not the least of which is that a buyer

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A Must Not Smell

Ask Derik Musty smells are some of the most unpleasant. Check under your sinks for any drips or leaks and around toilets from condensation drips or leaks around the base. Laundry rooms often smell musty and, in most cases, this

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